Hi Anne. Just looking to update my network of pug breeders/professionals and thought that I would take a look at your website. All beautiful pugs and very worthy of champion trophies and all that goes with it!
Got my puppy from Ann & Jonathon despite living in Scotland we were more than happy to look so far away as we had heard such good reports and most importantly they were responsible breeders who have healthy dogs. Ann & Jonathon are very nice and answered any questions we had throughout. They really care about the dogs and the pugs are pampered (as it should be!). Beautiful dogs and have given me my very own beatiful girl Stella. Even since we brought Stella back home to Scotland we have been keeping in regular contact with Ann and we are even taking Stella back when we are going on holiday as I fully trust Ann to look after her whilst we are away. Thanks for everything, see yous soon. Danielle & Ryan x
Hi Anne some lovely photos all looks good for the future
I enjoyed your site Ann and hope we meet soon
Hi Ann,
Really enjoyed reading through your website and looking at all the beautiful photo's and learning the history of Teaseltail. Looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful pugs soon. All the best Jacqueline
Just been looking at your girl Gertie my she is so beautiful, I'm full of wistful envy. A credit to you.

Hi there. I wonder if you would be so kind as to offer some advice, if you are
able to ?

My fiancee is moving to the UK from the USA and and we are very much
hoping to be able to bring her lovely black pug here to live with us.
The problem we have is that, as you probably know, most airlines will not fly
pugs in the hold of a plane as its not safe for smush-nosed breeds. BUT - neither will they
fly them in the cabin because they don't come under their (tiny) size and weight
restrictions !

Are you able to offer any advice or have you had any experience of flying with
pugs - do you know of a pug-friendly airline ? We would fly into Northern Europe if we had to.

Thanks very much,

Kirstie Adams
Kendal, Cumbria
Beautiful dogs! Hi from California!!!!
Hi thanks for your lovely comments . All comments are moderated by the website builders before appearing on the site. Thank You
lovely pugs, stunning
Hello, came across your web site by pure chance, your pugs are simply stunning! I know how hard it is to win in this breed the entries are amazing, the quality in your dogs shines through, you have most certainly put a lot of hard work and care into them which is how it should be, my congratulations and best wishes for the future.
hi from ireland.only came across your site today,your pugs are totally amazing and your site is wonderful.i fell totally in love nearly 5 yrs ago with pugs( i was working full time until then so could not have brought a pug into my life until i semi retired!)we now have 3 babies, alex who is nearly 5 ,huey nearly 3 and miss ellie who is also nearly 3. i have only started to show miss ellie ,not in a huge way,only at open shows and boy does she love it.!she really likes to show off so hopefully we will go on to champ shows next year. we have visited crufts twice in the last few years just to get in the toy day and spend lots of cash on puggie stuff!it true what they say 1 pug is never enough!continue success to you and we might see you at crufts in march! regards, tisha o flaherty
hi , just to let u know your pugs look fab, and i have just had a litter my the son of teaseltail talk in ernest, and are brill, would love to speak to you regards michelle
Some super balanced pugs. Love your blacks. Sturdy, strong, muscular with excellent bone.
Congratulations I wish you much continued success with your Pugs.

Great site and lovely pugs.
Best regards from Sweden
Hi Ann, got to your new site through facebook! Looks like you've been busy, its looking good!...Especially the blacks!!
sorry spelt my own affix wrong !!!!!
Great site - see you at ringclass sometime.
gorgeous dogs!! i love pugs so much. do you breed to sell or just to show? im finding it so hard to find genuine breeders of pugs who are able to sell.
Dear Ann
It was lovely to speak to you today and I hope you will be very happy in Wales.
Love Fiona and her mum x x
hi ann,glad to see your doing great,i remember bertie very well,sat in your kitchen with him,edward,
i am now dogless,taz my akita put to sleep at nearly 11,old age problem`s....hoping to start showning again,wait and see.
good luck for the future
Dear Ann & Jonathan

Just to let you know little Emily is doing really well and still our beloved 'princess'. Unfortunately she does suffer with mild epilepsy but we are able to manage it without drugs to-date. Max & Henry her beloved brothers (black) pugs, adore her.

Love from the Hudson family in the Isle of Man
Hi Mum,

Haven't been onto your site in a while and noticed you've totally changed it - looking very professional -;) Looking forward to seeing you next weekend for the all winners x Kate
Hello Ann and Jonathan,
It is nice to see your new homepage and to read on the DW that you are moving. Give me news when you will be quiet again. Kisses
Dear Ann and Johnathan, Finally we have had our faith restored in meeting two very special dog people like you. Your commitment and dedication to producing quality pugs with excellent health, fantastic conformation and temprement is evident in the wonderful dogs that you breed and own. Your willingness to help and advise is exceptional. We feel honoured and blessed that we are your friends, and we wish you continued success in the years to come with your ever beautiful pug family.
Oh what a beautiful website, i shall keep coming back. Liz
well done at creating web site look forward to seeing it develop, nick :)
Hi, I enjoyed looking at & reading about your stunning dogs, Pamela